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Why have a Cardiff Stag Party?

The real question here would be why not have a Cardiff Stag Party! When it comes to a Stag Do, the most important thing usually is the night life. And trust us, Cardiff is certainly not lacking in this area! If you head into the city centre, there is a multitude of clubs, pubs and bars for you to enjoy! If that’s maybe not the kind of vibe you’re looking for, not to worry! There’s still plenty to do in the Welsh Capital! Not only are there tons of fun activities available, but there’s also plenty of places to visit and restaurants to go to if you’re looking for an active or chilled Stag Do!

With so many options available, you truly can’t go wrong! Cardiff has everything you need to make your Stag Night everything you want it to be!

Top 5 Cardiff Stag Party Activities

1. Bubble Football

As crazy as it’s name suggests, Bubble Football is a hilarious version of the beautiful game. Once you’ve strapped yourself into your own one man Bubble suit, you’re ready to go! Firstly you’ll be split off into teams, and then it’s time to start playing! Rather than tackle, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents, sending them flying end over end in the process! However, beware, as when you’re in control of the ball a barge could come from any direction!

2. Archery Combat

Get your adrenaline pumping and your competitive side going with Archery Combat! This activity is a hybrid of archery and dodgeball and is more action-packed than you’d ever expect! Put your hunter skills to the test and bring out your competitive side as you face off against each other in the Archery Battlezone! There’s even several exciting mini games! However, make sure that you become the hunter and not the hunted!

3. Beer Tasting Masterclass & Meal

If you’re looking for the perfect Stag Do Icebreaker, look no further than the Beer Tasting Masterclass & Meal! Even if you don’t like Beer, this experience will certainly change your mind! Once arriving, you will be greeted by your Beer Expert who will firstly take you through the history of brewing. Then, it’s onto the important bit…the tasting! Not only will you get to taste the beers, but there will even be nibbles to enhance the taste! After that, you’ll also get a meal from a specialised menu to re-line the stomach!

4. Old School Sports Stag Games

Enjoy a day reliving your childhood memories with Old School Sports Day! Once split into houses, you’ll get to take part in a tange of games including Tug of War, Sack Race and Wheelbarrow Race! In addition, make sure your team are the champions and not collecting the wooden spoon in this action packed event! There really is something that everyone will love.

5. Goggle Football

We guarantee you haven’t tried anything like this before! The principle is tha same as Five a Side, but in addition you’ll be wearing a pair of visual impairment goggles to distort your vision! It’s a hilarious experience that will challenge your coordination and provide an experience like no other! It’ll leave you in fits of laughter for days as you continue to get flashbacks of the day!

Best Restaurants for a Cardiff Stag Party

cardiff stag party

1. Pasture

Located in the heart of Cardiff and in the shadows of the world famous Cardiff Castle, the restaurant is set for theatre! With an open kitchen showcasing charcoal grills and dry ageing cabinets displaying whole cuts of beef ready to be cut into their signature steaks! Not only is it the perfect Stag Restaurant, but the experience is like no other!

2. Elgano

They don’t call this the best Italian restaurant in Cardiff for nothing! You’re in for an experience with Elgano, which creates authentic Italian cuisine headed by one of the most renowned Italian Chefs in Cardiff. On top of that, there’s even some delicious pints on offer as well!

3. North Star

This casual food-led bar is everything you need on your Cardiff Stag Do! Whether you’re looking for a cold pint or a spot of lunch just outside Cardiff city centre, this is the place to go! Furthermore, if it’s a Sunday and you’re looking to work off the hangover, North Star do an incredible Sunday Roast!

4. Nant Restaurant

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your Cardiff Stag Party, look no further than Nant! This contemporary restaurant offers not only delicious, but also attractive food that you just can’t resist! The atmosphere only adds to the experience – it’s one you truly don’t want to miss!

5. Culley’s Kitchen & Bar

Culley’s believe in the experience of eating out as well as the food itself! This means that you’re really in for a treat if you pay them a visit on your Cardiff Stag Night! With a seasonal menu focused on local and good quality produce, you can’t go wrong! There’s something for everyone here.

Places to visit on your Cardiff Stag Party

cardiff stag party

1. Cardiff Bay

If you’ve got some time to kill, or you’re just looking to start your night somewhere with a view, why not head to Cardiff Bay! You can have some drinks whilst looking out at the view – there’s even a few seaside restaurants for you to try as well!

2. Hensol Castle Distillery

If you’re looking for something to do between activities, why not head to Hensol Castle Distillery! They’ll take you through their distinctive gin experience and into the cellars of their castle, with the odd tipple or two included!

3. City Centre

When it comes to a Stag Party, Cardiff City Centre is where it’s at. There’s no end to the number of nightclubs, bars and pubs. This means that no matter what kind of night you’re looking for, Cardiff has something for everyone! You definitely won’t be disappointed.

So there you have it! Our Ultimate Cardiff Stag Party Guide. You should be a Cardiff expert now! However, if you’re still not too sure, or you maybe want to see some more activities, take a look at our wide range of Cardiff Stag Party experiences right here!