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Why have a Brighton Stag Do?

The real question here would be why not have a Brighton Stag Party! This seaside location has so much to offer, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time! Whether you’re looking for a more chilled out meal and some drinks with your friends, or your want a full on, activity-packed weekend, there’s something for everyone! As if that wasn’t already enough, there’s also some amazing places to visit whilst you’re there!

No matter what your Stag Plans are, it’s possible for everyone to have the ultimate experience in Brighton! After all, that’s what it’s all about!

Top 5 Brighton Stag Weekend Activities

1. Electric Shock Football

Electric Shock Football is the hilarious new game that will leave you in stitches (not literally!). After you’ve arrived, you will be split into teams, and then it’s time for the games to begin! There’s nothing to do but watch your mates drop like flies! You must firstly attempt to stay on your feet as you feel a sharp ‘shock’ to the system. On top of that, you must then try and bluff your way through the shocks! It’s an event like no other.

2. Escape Room

Do you consider yourself to be a clue hunter? Or maybe a problem solver? If so, then it’s your time to try and work the most difficult puzzles out before anyone else! In addition, you must use your wits and try and escape, or you risk being locked in forever!

3. Foot Golf Tournament

Foot Golf is as awesome as the name suggests. Being the combination of two of the worl’s greatest sports, this is the ultimate Stag experience! On top of this combination, you will also get to mix it up with games such as longest drive and closest to the pin.

4. Go Karting Ultimate Race Experience

There’s no denying the sheer sense of speed and excitement that Go Karting has to offer. So, why not opt for this action packed activity fueled with adrenaline and adventure! After a short briefing, you and your fellow karters will get to battle it out on the track!

5. Archery Combat

Get your adrenaline pumping and your competitive side going with Archery Combat! This hybrid activity of archery and dodgeball is more action packed than you’d ever expect! Get ready for the arrows to start flying! You’ll even get to bring out your competitive side as you use your skill and agility to make sure you’re the last man standing!

Best Restaurants for a Brighton Stag Do

brighton stag party

1. Amarillo

Located in Drakes Hotel, Amarillo is a fine dining experience that makes you feel completely at home. On top of stunning food, what really gives this restaurant extra brownie points is the experience! It’s the perfect addition to your Stag Do.

2. Baqueano

If there’s one staple in a Stag Do, it’s a steak dinner. And what better type of steak than Argentinian! Baqueano offers not only a range of sumptuous steaks, but also a space to experience and creat memories. The warm atmosphere really puts it above the rest!

3. Constantinople Restaurant

If there’s one place you want to go on your Brighton trip, it’s Constantinople! This mediterranean feast is an experience you don’t want to miss out on! From sumptuous starters to delecetable desserts, this restaurant has it all!

4. Isaac at Gloucester Street

This modern British restaurant is located in the centre of Brighton and serves Sussex on a plate! With locally sourced ingredients, a stunning menu and a warm atmosphere, you couldn’t ask for more!

5. Etci Kitchen

Delivering authentic Turkish flavours is Etci Kitchen! From fresh ingredients to home-baked bread, you know you’re getting quality when you go here! It’s one not to miss.

Places to visit on your Brighton Stag Party

brighton stag party

1. Brighton Beach

If you’ve got the time to spare, why not head to Brighton Beach and have a few drinks by the sea! Especially if the sun is going down, this can really help set the tone of your Brighton Stag Do!

2. Brighton Pier

You’re already by the beach – so why not head to the pier! From fun arcade games to some fairground rides, there’s everything you need to start your Stag Do off with a bang!

3. City Centre

Now, the city centre is really where it’s at. With tons of nightlife from nightclubs to pubs to bars, there’s something for everyone! No matter what kind of Stag Do you’re having, Brighton has everything you need!

So there you have it! Our Ultimate Brighton Stag Do Guide. You must be an expert now! If you’re still not too sure, or maybe you want to see some more activities, not to worry! You can find our extensive range of Brighton Stag Do activities right here!