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Why have a Brighton Hen Party?

Who wouldn’t want a Brighton Hen Party! This seaside town has so much to offer, you can’t go wrong! Want to go to the beach? No problem! Want to head to the centre and have some drinks? Go ahead! There’s truly something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking to do. Furthermore, there’s also a vast array of activities available, meaning if you really want to make your Hen Do the best it can be, that’s possible in Brighton!

Additionally, there’s so many amazing restaurants you’re spoilt for choice! The perfect Hen Night is just around the corner, and Brighton could well be the location for you!

Top 5 Brighton Hen Party Activities

1. Bubble MayHEN

This modern twist on Bubble Football has proved extremely popular with Hens! Being more games and less football, Bubble MayHEN will have you in stitches and you bump and roll your way across the pitch! Rather than tackle, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents – after all, you’re safe inside your body zorb! However, beware, as when in control of the ball a barge could come from any direction!

2. Life Drawing Class

The perfect icebreaker event, Life Drawing gives you a great chance to hone your artistic skills and have a bit of fun! The art tutor will guide you through drawing your model in different poses without blushing! Additionally, the Hen can even join in with the poses for a bit more of a laugh! However remember, this isn’t meant to be a serious activity, so don’t worry if you’re no Picasso!

3. Olympic Shames

If you’re looking for the perfect icebreaker, then look no further than Olympic Shames! Consider it a cheeky version of a School Sports Day. However, there are new innuendo games that you definitely wouldn’t have played as a child! Once you’ve been split into teams, prepare yourself for lots of laughter! After all, the aim of the game is to look as silly as possible!

4. Blind Wine Tasting

Experience the taste of Italy with Blind Wine Tasting at the popular wine café Veeno! With various wines, prosecco and cured meats and cheese ther will be something for all your senses! Once you’ve arrived, you will firstly be greeted with a glass of Prosecco before it’s on to the most important part…the tasting! On top of that, the wines are also served alongside a sharing platter of appetisers!

5. Disco Dodgeball

Everyone enjoyed playing dodgeball as a kid, and enjoyed the discos even more…well now you can do both! This musical twist on the classic American game has you throwing soft balls at your oppoinents to catch them out! However be careful, as you must also avoid being hit yourself! With the addition of hlarious themed games accompanied by your favourite songs from across the decades, you can’t go wrong!

Best Restaurants for a Brighton Hen Party

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1. Purezza Hove

Just a short stroll from the Brighton & Hove border, Purezza offers a distinct Victorian-era architecture for you to enjoy your pizzas in! After all, we all love pizza, and the atmosphere only makes it better!

2. Baqueano

There’s only one thing better than steak…Argentinean steak! This steak house brings the traditional and authentic flavours of Argentina in this stunning menu that will add a touch of class to your Hen Do!

3. Gingerman

If you’re looking for fine food and a stunning atmosphere, look no further than Gingerman! This independent restaurant boasts michelin star food – and it really is star quality!

4. Petit Pois

This French restaurant is just a pebble’s throw from the beach, and it couldn’t be more perfect! The menu offers French classics with a modern twist – there’s certainly something for everyone!

5. Ephesus

Ephesus offers authentic Turkish food and really, what more could you want! However, it does offer more! The location and atmosphere is calming and relaxing, perfect for a Hen Party!

Places to visit on your Brighton Hen Party

1. Brighton Beach

As you’re heading down to the coast, you may as well make the most of it and head to the beach! Relax on the pebbles and have a few drinks by the beach! It can be the perfect addition to your Brighton Hen Party!

2. Brighton Pier

Whilst you’re by the beach, why not head to Brighton Pier! With an arcade full of fun games and even some fairground rides, this could be the perfect midday stop!

3. City Centre

If you’re looking for nightlife, the Brighton city centre is full of it! Head into town and hit all the best clubs to make your Brighton Hen Do the best it can be!

Hopefully after reading our guide you’re a Brighton expert! With so much to do here, you’re spoilt for choice! Not to sure on our activity picks? No problem! You can find our full range of Brighton Hen Party activities right here!