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Why have a Bournemouth Hen Party?

A better question would be why not a Bournemouth Hen Party! If you’re looking for a location with a difference, why not head to the coast to celebrating your upcoming nuptials! The best part is, you can bring all of your friends and make it feel like you’re abroad without the added cost! On top of that, you certainly won’t be short of activites or things to do in this seaside location!

So, why not head down to the coast and see what it has to offer! Whether you’re from Bournemouth or travelling there, there’s something for everyone!

Top 5 Bournemouth Hen Party Activities

1. Life Drawing Class

A Life Drawing class is a great chance to hone your artistic skills and have a bit of fun! It’s the perfect Hen Do ice-breaker! Watch carefully as your art tutor guides you through drawing your model in a variety of different poses without blushing! In addition, if you’re feeling brave, the Hen can even join in the poses for even more of a laugh!

2. Bubble MayHEN

Enjoy this modern twist on Football Zorbing with Bubble MayHEN! This hilarious event is less football and more games. It’s all about the fun! Once you’re strapped into your own one person body zorb, you’re ready to go! Rather than tackle, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents! However, beware, as when you’re in control of the ball a barge could come from any direction!

3. Olympic Shames

There really is no better ice-breaker than Olympic Shames! Consider it a cheeky version of School Sports Day with innuendo games that you certainly didn’t play as a child! Once your group has been split into teams, prepare yourself for a lot of laughter! After all, the aim of the game is to look as silly as possible!

4. Gin Tasting Masterclass and Meal

Experience and sample a variety of Gins and Fever Tree tonics in this masterclass! If you weren’t a fan of gin before, you will be after this class! On top of all of that deliciousness, the gins will also be paired with some nibbles to enhance the taste! Not only do you get all the gin, but you also get a meal from a specialised menu! What’s not to love!

5. Dreamboys Show

Now this is certainly a night you don’t want to miss out on! With male performers of the highest standard, this event is just like real like Magic Mike in front of your eyes! Expect amazing dance and hot bods as the guys entertain you! If this isn’t perfect for a Hen Do, we don’t know what is!

Best Restaurants for a Bournemouth Hen Party

1. Agora Mediterranean

This stunning restaurant brings you a delightful blend of traditional Turkish and Greek food! On top of that, it’s right in the centre of Bournemouth! This means that you can visit no matter when in Bournemouth you are! Their irresistable menu is the perfect addition to any Hen Party!

2. Twelve Eatery

We all love a bit of sustainability, and that’s just what Twelve Eatery offers! Their plant-based, organic produce has something for everyone! In addition, they also offer a dining experience! You’ll really be in for a treat if you go here!

3. Restaurant Roots

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your Bournemouth Hen Party, head to Roots! This michelin star restaurant is a dining experience like no other! They offer unique and flavourful combinations that are bound to leave you wanting to come back for more!

4. Pizzeria via Roma

If there’s one thing you can be sure everyone will love, it’s pizza! So, why not take a trip to Pizzeria via Roma on you visit to Bournemouth! It’s the perfect way to break up the day!

5. Bournemouth Steak House

We all love a steak! So, if you’re looking for the perfect meal to add to your Bournemouth Hen Do, then this steak house has everything you need! The question is, which sauce do you go for?

Places to visit on your Bournemouth Hen Party

1. Bournemouth Beach

If you’re going to take a trip down to the coast, you have to visit the beach! With gorgeous sandy beaches, you’ll feel like you’re abroad! If this doesn’t add something a little extra to your Hen Weekend, we don’t know what will!

2. Bournemouth Pier

If you’re looking for something to break up the day, what better place to go than Bournemouth Pier! There’s so many activities here you’ll be spoilt for choice!

3. The BIC

Why not head to The BIC to catch a show! There’s plenty on all year round, so there’ll definitely be something to keep you occupied in the evening!

So there you have it! Our Ultimate Bournemouth Hen Party Guide! You must be a Bournemouth expert now and ready to book your Hen Do! In case you’re not too sure of our top activity picks, you can find our full and extensive range of Bournemouth Hen Party Activities right here!