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stag night vs stag weekend

Stag Night vs Stag Weekend

The big question: Stag Night vs Stag Weekend? Which to choose? There’s benefits to both. Stag Nights are that bit cheaper and you can still fit in a ton of great activities. However, Stag Weekends can include a lot of day activities that can be really fun too! But which is best for you?

Stag Night Activities

stag night vs stag weekend

1. Beer Tasting Masterclass and Meal

For a group who love Beer, this Beer Tasting Masterclass is the perfect introduction! Even if you’re not a huge beer lover, this experience will be a game-changer! With lots of different craft beers to sample, there’s something for everyone! Sample six different beers and enjoy some nibbles to enhance the taste! After all that excitement, there’s even a meal from a specialised menu to re-line your stomach before your night continues!

2. Slug & Lettuce VIP Drinks Package

Drink and dance the night away with a Slug and Lettuce Drinks Package. Get a reserved area for your group and enjoy a fun stylish venue with a brilliant Cocktail Menu! Enjoy a range of drinks including two spirits bottles and a range of delicious mixers!

3. Bar Crawl Beauties

Are you looking for a Bar Crawl with a difference to kickstart your Stag Night? Why not get our Bar Crawl Beauties to take care of you! They’ll make sure you have everything for the best Stag Do possible! The girls will be on hand to get the drinking games going. Once you’ve got going, they may even throw in some challenges and forfeits to make things really interesting!

Stag Weekend Activities

1. Bubble Football

Often known as Football Zorbing, this is one of the most popular Stag Events! Once you’ve strapped yourself into your own one-man bubble suit, it’s time to split into teams! Rather than tackle, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents. However, beware, as when you have the ball a barge could come from any direction!

2. Foot Golf Tournament

This combination of two of the world’s greatest sports is the ideal event for a Stag Weekend! Play both in an individual format as well as a scramble format. The scramble format will mix it up with a range of games to keep everyone on their toes! Do you have what it takes to win the tournament? There’s only one way to find out!

3. Old School Sports Stag Games

Enjoy a day reliving your childhood with Old School Sports Stag Games! Once you’ve been split into houses, it’ll be time to take on a range of nostalgic games! From Tug of War to Wheelbarrow race, you’re spoilt for choice! In addition, you’ll need to cheer on your teammates as they race to become the Old School Sports Games champions!

Stag Night vs Stag Weekend: Which One?

So, after seeing the activities possible, which do you think is best for you? A Stag Night or a Stag Weekend? If you’re looking for some daytime activities that don’t only revolve around drinking, a Stag Weekend provides the perfect balance! However, if you’re pushed for time, or maybe don’t have the highest budget, sticking to a Stag Night is also perfect! Overall, the best option is the one that works best for you and your group! To view our full range of Stag Activities, click here!