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Planning a Hen Do can be a pressure filled task for any Maid of Honour. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top tips to ensure that you know how to plan an amazing Hen Do and that the Bride to be has the best day!

How to Plan an Amazing Hen Do

1.Where to start?

It’s important to start by asking the bride what she wants for the hen do. Does she want it to be a complete surprise? Or does she want to be involved within the planning process? Every bride will want a different hen do from the next, so it’s important not to presume what you think the bride might want.

2. Who’s on the guest list?

A good place to start with this task would be to ask the bride to write a list of everyone she would like to be invited to her hen do, and who the most important people are that need to be there. Will she want her mum and sisters to attend? Or does she want a crazy weekend with her friends. Its’ important to know where to start so you don’t have a disappointed bride on the day.

How to Plan an Amazing Hen Do

3. Make a group chat!

As soon as all the hens are confirmed you’ll need to make a group chat. Whether you choose to use WhatsApp, Facebook or maybe even email. You’ll need this chat to keep track of all plans made and discussions had to streamline the planning process. It will also allow all members of the group to e-meet, as some hens may have never met before. This ensures that everyone will at least know or know of each other when the big day arrives. Meaning a better Hen do!

4. How much are you willing to spend?

This is probably the most important part of planning the hen do. Each hen will have a different idea on what they want to spend. So it’s important that you set a universal budget so that no one needs to be excluded from the event.

Where are you heading for the hen do?

Are you setting off for a whole weekend in Prague? Or are you having a day trip out in Brighton? It’s key to figure out how much the hens are able to part with for the hen do so you know how extravagant the weekend can be.

How long are you planning to be away for?

Are you heading off for a day trip, a weekend away or maybe even a weeklong party? It’s important to set a daily budget for the group so you know how long you’re able to be away for and how much you can do each day.

What will be the best activities for you to do?

Once you have a clear plan on where you’re heading and how long you’re staying for, you’ll be able to plan how many and what type of activities you will be able to fit into your day. Red Cactus Events offer an easy online booking process with your own personalised event page so you can keep everything in one place. You can view a full list of our activities filtered by location here.

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5. Let the hens know what you have planned

At this stage you’ll need to check in with the hens about the ideas you have planned. It’s worth checking what activities the hens do and don’t want to do while you’re away. You don’t want to get things booked in before you’ve had the go ahead from the girls.

6. Start Booking!

Once the group have confirmed all of the activities that they’re interested in doing, you can then start booking everything in!

How to Plan an Amazing Hen Do

7. Make a Hen Do Itinerary for your weekend!

Before heading on your Hen do, it’s important to create a clear calendar of what you’re doing on the hen do to ensure all activities are clearly outlined so you don’t forget anything on the day! This is one of the most important parts of how to plan an amazing Hen do. When booking with Red Cactus Events you will receive an electronic event pack from us before your event, which will outline everything you need to know for your activities, accommodation, or meals, including where you need to be and what time you need to be there.

8. Make a Checklist of what to bring

Before setting off, its important to create a what to pack list for the group. This just avoids leaving things up to chance and hoping that the hens bring everything they’ll need. It’ll be worth making a note of even the most basic items because you will never know what things the hens might forget.

Planning a hen do can be a very stressful experience for everyone involved so we hope that these few top tips can help create a more streamlined planning process for your group. And we hope that you have an awesome Hen Do with whatever you choose to plan. If you do need any ideas for what you could do head over to Red Cactus Events who can help you with ideas and the process.

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