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From the moment you hear the words “Will you be my bridesmaid?” is the time your duties as a bridesmaid begin… for real success on being the ‘Best Bridesmaid’ we have created ten top tips which may come in handy during the planning stages leading up to the big day!

1.Be a Good Listener

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times as well as one of the happiest. Be there for the bride, let her vent, cry, talk everything wedding, talk everything non-wedding. But most of all, be there to help her see the fun side of planning!

2. Recommend Hair and Makeup

Can you recommend somewhere? Do you know someone? If you know someone with brilliant reviews, who can take the stress away on the big day do recommend them to your friend!

3. Help with Venue Finding


Will you be able to visit wedding venues with the bride? If you can, build relationships with the staff there so any problems on the day or in the lead up to the Wedding, they can speak to you instead of worrying the bride. You should try and get comfortable enough with them to be able to deal with issues instead of the bride.

4. Show an interest in attending Wedding Fairs and Events

Build up the excitement for the big day – attend wedding fairs with your bride and make her feel like you really are interested and as excited as she is for her big day!

5. Be Flexible when choosing a Bridesmaid Dress

If there are a few bridesmaids to cater for, try and be as flexible as you can when it comes to deciding. It may not be the dress you had hoped for, or a first choice, but it’s only a dress you will have to wear for one day in a lifelong friendship!

bridesmaid dress

6. Help with Specific Tasks

Don’t just offer your help if she needs it, say you are able to take specific tasks away from her, this could be chasing up RSVP’s or creating a Hair and Makeup Rota for the Big Day.

7. Attend Dress Fittings

Of course, part of the job of being a bridesmaid is helping them find their dream Wedding Dress, but you’ll also need to know if there’s anything the bridesmaids need to do such as maneuvering the train or how to tie up the bustle on the dress – you’ll only know how to do this if you attend the dress fittings!

8. Hen Party – Plan a huge celebration!

What do you think your Bride might enjoy? Will it be a big celebration abroad or something more low-key? If you think your pal won’t appreciate a naked life drawing class or a stripper, maybe don’t go ahead and book either of these. If you have been following our top tips above, you have been heavily involved in the planning process, so it is only right that you get to blow off some steam and enjoy yourself too! Think of your target audience, the bride, the brides mum, grandma, try and plan activities that are suitable for everyone to be involved in!


9. Create a Calm Environment

The morning of the wedding can be an emotional roller coaster, be sure to keep a calm environment so the nerves are settled. Pop a bottle of champers, plan your hair and beauty time wisely (think rota), play calming music… the list really is endless!

10. Take Photos!

Usually, the lead time on the bride seeing any photos or videos from the big day is pretty long, make sure you are taking lots of photos – throughout the planning process, the morning of the big day, the wedding. Your bride and groom will thank you for having happy memories to look back on before receiving their official photos back from the photographer!

So now you know how to be the best bridesmaid ever. Click here to find out what you can do for the Hen party!