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Congratulations on the new role! Your time has come, are you ready for the very important job that lies ahead? You may be a little worried, but have no fear, Red Cactus Events are here and ready to help.

What Are Your Best Man Duties?

best man

1.The Most Fun of All – Planning the Stag Night

Organising the last night of freedom for your best friend could seem a little daunting but can also be a lot of fun! Being picked as best man, I am sure you will know a lot about the Groom and what he likes to do for fun, with a wide range of activities to choose from, you are sure to impress with your stag night, or even stag weekend. Why not take the pressure off and book our Stag Do package deal? Being able to choose two activities from Bubble Football to Bar Crawls, why not even add a Steak and Strip activity onto the deal, making you a legendary Best Man.

2.The Dreaded Best Man Speech

Of course, part of your role will be writing and delivering the Best Man’s speech. Don’t be nervous as we have some tips to help you along the way. We recommend that you write your speech in advance and don’t try to wing it last minute, this is where some people may go on a tangent or are just a little too inappropriate.

Best Man Speech Tips:

  • Share appropriate anecdotes
  • Tell the guests what you love about the couple, and a story about their relationship (Keeping it positive and light-hearted)
  • Don’t rely fully on humour
  • Probably best to keep whatever happened on the stag do far away from your speech
  • Show your feelings
  • Keep all content positive and authentic

Keeping to these tips, you should have the room laughing and crying for all the best reasons.

best man

3.Helping the Groom With Any Needs

Being a Best Man comes with many tasks, you need to make sure that you are there for the Groom every step of the way. Assisting in the shopping for Groomsmen suits, making sure everyone looks smart and dapper. Entering the ceremony with the Groom, just try not to take the whole spotlight with your amazing stage presence. Basically just keep the Groom’s spirits high and help with any organising that the couple may assign you.

4.Look After the Wedding Rings (Please don’t lose them)

Simple task, but if you don’t succeed it could all go terribly wrong. Make sure the rings are with you on the wedding day and don’t put them in any pockets where they could fall out. People may try to lose calories, not the same situation here, keep hold, check, double check, and then triple check this one!

5.Dance with the Maid of Honour

I don’t think we need to give you many tips on this one, just put your best foot forward and lead, you could take some dance classes prior to the wedding if you really weren’t confident. The main thing about this one is to just enjoy yourself and have a bit of fun. The party has started, and you have done well, give yourself a pat on the back and let loose

You’ve taken the steps, done the research and are now ready for anything, just remember, keep positive, help where you can and try to not drink so much that you can’t remember the wedding night when you get to it, good luck and have fun, you’ve got this!