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Everyone knows that booking an event is never a team effort. There’s usually always one person who either happily (or begrudgingly) volunteers. Are you the sort of person who likes to take charge of a situation? Or are you more like the person who gets left with the lions share because you’re the only one that’s capable! Welcome to the Gift (Or Curse) Of Being Organised.

So you’ve got a Stag Do, Hen Do, Birthday coming up or the Christmas Work Do. There’s always one who absolutely loves organizing things and they make you feel thankful that they’re in your life for at least one reason. They will take charge and make all your worries disappear.

Look at wedding parties. Best Men and Chief Bridesmaids aren’t chosen based on their friendship skills these days. It’s all about the organisational skills. You just know if it’s left to Dopey David or Ditsy Daisy you’ll end up in your local eating peanuts. You want someone who’s going to organise something spectacular, better than anything you’ve ever imagined. That’s where The Gifted Organisers come in. They will have a competition with themselves to make your event better than the last stag/hen do you went to. You need these people in your life.

On the other side of the coin is The Cursed Organiser. You’re at work and the boss comes in and tells you you’re having a Christmas Work Do but one of you needs to organise it. Everyone shrinks behind their desks silently until The Cursed Organiser raises a hand and nobly volunteers. They don’t want to do it. They just know if they don’t step up then nobody else will. Luckily they have the ability to organise such events but it doesn’t mean they don’t hate every single one of their workmates for dumping it on them! They get the indecisive people, the ones who moan about the date, the ones they have to chase money for after the money is due. It’s not a nice experience but someone has to do it.

At Red Cactus Events we take away some of the strain. Pick a date, pay a deposit then you have plenty of time to chase those stragglers and get a final list of willing participants. Booking an event has never been so easy!