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Want to know how to have the best end to single life bash, look no further. We have put together 20 unusual ideas for your stag event

Are you looking for unique and exciting ideas for your upcoming Stag Do? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unusual and out-of-the-box Stag Do ideas that are sure to make your celebration one to remember.

From thrilling outdoor adventures to interactive and creative experiences, these ideas will take your Stag Do to the next level and provide an unforgettable experience for the Groom-to-be. Make sure you personalize the event to the Groom’s interests and preferences. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is to have fun!

So, get ready to plan a Stag Do that will be the talk of the town, and don’t forget to snap lots of pictures to remember the special occasion. Happy planning!

1. West Country Games

West Country Games

Fancy yourselves keen farmers and want to frolic in the fields? West Country Games are piles of fun, you get to fly with your cider in cider run, duel with pitchforks, do some welly wangin and finish up with a good ole’ farmers shower. As well as many more activities, what’s not to love breathe in the fresh air with this down to earth activity day.

2. Blind 4×4 Driving

Blind 4x4 Driving

If you love to drive and always tell your friends you are number one, this would be the activity to show them all who is the best once and for all. You will have to put your trust in others as you take on the course blindfolded. Everyone else will take role as backseat drivers and yell out directions, as you try to drive against the clock. Don’t worry everyone will get a go at being the driver.

3. Steak and Strip

Steak and Strip

What more could a Stag Party want, steak, chips, and beer with a strip show. Just make sure to keep it hush hush from your other halves as you enjoy the surprise.

4. Human Table Football

Human Table Football

If you want a bit of a laugh on your Stag Do, I mean who doesn’t. Playing in an inflatable arena and becoming a real-life human table football machine could be the fun you are looking for. This game is great if you aren’t scared of a bit of competition.

5. Stitch Up The Stag Life Drawing

stitch Up The Stag Life Drawing

Everyone has heard of life drawing; you’re using the artistic skills that you have to create a piece of artwork which is inspired by the nude person in front of you. But what if that nude model was the Groom? Stitch Up The Stag to strip off and strike a pose.

6. Court Room Roast

Court Room Roast

This is not for the faint hearted, if you can take a joke this could be a lot of laughs for the whole Stag Party. For 60 minutes your groom will be interrogated by comedians who are acting as lawyers and judges. Get ready to be roasted big time.

7. City Of Spies Spy Experience

City Of Spies Spy Experience

Think you can be the next James Bond, why not take on a spy experience. This experience is all about learning all about spy history, and with London being home to MI5 and SIS, there’s lots to see and learn. Finish off your secret mission with a dinner in a private Whitehall club.

8. Scavenger Hunt Time Bomb

 Scavenger Hunt Time Bomb

Rush against the clock for the craziest scavenger hunt you may have ever been a part of. Tuning into the secret zoom call to talk to your host, you’ll have to run round and take poses in front of local landmarks, who can race round the city and solve the clues the fastest?

9. Silent Disco Walking Tour

Silent Disco Walking Tour

Go on the all singing, all dancing tour, let that energy flow! With an energetic tour host and great music, the fun won’t stop. You can explore the city whilst living your best life ‘dancing in the street.’

10. Song Recording Session

 Song Recording Session

If you are the next David Bowie or want to have fun, why not have a go at recording two songs in a professional recording studio. You and the lads could be the next huge boy band, you never know. Watch this space, the new Take That have arrived.

11. Football Darts

Football Darts

This one is for the guys who need to release some energy. With a mixture of the great game that is football and the British pub classic, darts. Compete to see who can hit that bullseye on a giant inflatable Velcro dartboard.

12. Adrenaline Day

Adrenaline Day

Enjoying a day of adrenaline could be exactly what you need. With our Multi-Activity Adrenaline Day you can choose from a mixture of activities, including Target Practice, Axe Throwing, Air Rifle Shooting, Hovercraft Duels and more. Get that heart racing and book your Adrenaline Experience.

13. Shock Football

Shock Football

There’s football, and then there’s Electric Shock Football. You could be enjoying a nice game, and then BOOM, you’ve been shocked. Who will fall and who will bluff to show no reaction. Are you ready to take on the test of strength?

14. Escape Room

Escape Room

Could we be looking at the next Sherlock Holmes? We have a few Escape Rooms to choose from depending on your location, enter the experience and solve the puzzles to escape. You could even do a Virtual Escape Room if that is more to your liking.

15. Beer Bike

Beer Bike

Exercising and drinking on your holiday’s sounds like a great idea! I guess you are working off that drink so that you can drink more, definitely sounds like a plan to me, why not take in the sights as you go along as an added bonus.

16. Extreme Dodgeball

Extreme Dodgeball

Planning a wedding can be stressful, maybe you need to let some of that stress out in a nice game of Extreme Dodgeball. This can be themed to Stags as well for a bit of fun, on top of that stress release.

17. Murder Mystery Night

 Murder Mystery Night

Put together the evidence and figure out who the murderer is whilst having a deadly good laugh. The Murder Mystery Night is also mixed in with comedy, so it won’t be all doom and gloom for your group of investigators.

18. Mission Inflatables

Mission Inflatables

Fancy having your speed and ability tested in a game of laughter. Running in a sumo suit, hopping along a giant inflatable sausage, and taking part in a giant sack race, I don’t believe it gets much better than that.

19. Rave Dance Off

Rave Dance Off

Don’t stop that beat with the Rave Dance Off, you’ll learn some groovy moves and go head to head in a battle of raves. Show off your big fish little fish and let out those dad dancing moves.

20. Bar Crawl Beauties

Bar Crawl Beauties

This is a Stag Do so we needed an option with your beauties to say goodbye to that single life. Going from bar to bar, to club. The beauties will be with you every step of the way, making sure you have fun with drinking games, challenges, and forfeits.

Well, there you go! I hope you can take some inspiration from this list and kick start your Stag Do planning and plan an unforgettable experience for the Stag! To organize a Stag Weekend like no other and party like nobody’s watching.

To find out more be sure to go to Red Cactus Events who can help you find activities, accomidation and give you a Stag Weekend like no other!