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The big day has finally arrived! We know there may just be a little stress in the air, but we have some ideas about how you can turn bridezilla into a relaxed bride. Keeping your bestie calm and relaxed on her wedding day just takes a few steps. This is why we have come up with 10 Ways To Keep The Bride Calm On Her Wedding Day.

1. Make the day about the Bride


You look gorgeous too, but remember that this is the bride’s special day, so let’s just keep reminding her of that. Pay her compliments throughout the day, and tell her she’s found the perfect partner and is going to have a wonderful life ahead. Run around after her. Today you are Dionne to Cher, you may be Clueless, but you’ve got this and have been preparing for this through your years of friendship.

2. Make sure you are ready first

be ready


If you are ready with plenty of time, it means you can give more attention to the bride and help her get ready. She may need help from a fairy godmother, and you are the closest she has, so bibbidi bobbidi boo yourself dressed and ready so that you have time for the princess of the day.

3. Keep the Bride fed

feed the bride

To stop the lovely bride from fainting down the aisle, make sure she has some food! She may not feel like it, but make sure she has some nibbles and get in her favorite breakfast/lunch meal ready for the day, something you know she won’t be able to resist.

4. Keep the Bride hydrated

keep the bride hydrated

Amongst the stress of the wedding planning and her big day, the bride has probably forgotten to keep hydrated and make sure she keeps drinking water. Another thing is not great for keeping hydrated, but I would also recommend giving her one glass of tipple to help settle those pre-wedding jitters.

5. Get familiar with the schedule


Keeping to the schedule will be key to preventing any stressful situations. Make sure you have the schedule for the day and stick to it, be early for it, anything to stop from running behind. Maybe don’t go to extremes like Monica did, even though you are Friends, as you may stress the bride out even more. Keep calm and collected and move things along swiftly.

6. Be the Brides guard from everyone else

guard the bride

Today your bestie is Queen for the day, everyone will want to talk to her, but this could cause unnecessary stress. Make sure you are attached to the bride and anyone that wants to speak to her must go through you first. Be polite to everyone but explain that the bride can do the rounds and speak to everyone later, right now it’s zen time and nobody interrupts zen time.

7. Get the Bride to focus on breathing


Breathe in 2….3….. Out 2….3…. Probably the simplest of them all but trust me she will forget how to breathe calmly. Taking this time to focus on a simple task like breathing will put your bride at ease straight away and give her a clear head.

8. Be the messenger

be the messenger

There may be complications on the day, make sure they all come to you first, you don’t want the bride getting stressed over something that’s an easy fix. Button’s fallen off the best man’s suit, no worries get the sewing kit and stitch it back on (Remember a sewing kit) You’ve lost the groom? Send out a search party. Don’t involve the Bride unless disaster has struck.

9. Have her favorite playlist at the ready


Sometimes you just need a bit of music to get in the right headspace, whether it’s calming background music or your gal jams. Oh and don’t forget to add “Hold on for one more day…” For all, you Bridesmaids fans out there, dance to your heart’s content ladies.

10. Remind her to be present

be present

Last but not least of the 10 ways to keep the Bride calm on her wedding day is to make sure the Bride is present. With so much going on, everything for months has been leading to this day, the bride is bound to be distracted. Remind her that all this planning leads to such a special day and that she should be making the most of it and enjoying herself. This is going to be one of the best days of her life, she should remember the fun she had and not the running around she did. Running around is for the Hen Party! You can find out more here for some great activities to keep you going all night!

Now that you have our guide of 10 ways to keep the Bride calm on her wedding day, what are you waiting for? Go get planning and make sure that bride has the best day of her life. Keep her calm and collected. Most importantly go and enjoy yourselves, this is supposed to be a big celebration after all.