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Ziplining Munich

Ziplining Munich

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If you want to celebrate in Munich and do not want to miss out on something fancy, then ziplining is perfect for you. All you have to bring is enough courage, because you will climb in a small group to dizzying heights and find yourself up high in the Olympic Stadium in Munich.


Chances are you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

A height of 40 meters, a rope with a length of over 200 meters, you and the moment.

After walking on the roof of the Olympic Stadium, you fly across the whole stadium with our special construction. Enjoy the spectacular view before happiness and adrenaline unite. Jump over your own shadow and fly from the roof of the Olympic Stadium!


  • Professional Instructor
  • Safety Equipment
  • Two Hour Event
  • 200m Flight over scenery


  • Minimum group size of 10 people, if group drops below 10 the price per person will increase
  • Sportswear required
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