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Vodka Tasting

Vodka Tasting

Are you looking for something a bit different than typical drinking activities? Look no further than a Vodka Tasting Party in Krakow!

Although Vodka is the go-to drink for some people there are so many different varieties to choose from. With this Vodka Tasting event you will get an opportunity to try out some of these varieties and step out of your vodka comfort zone! Your exclusive mixologist will meet you at the venue and introduce you to the various Polish vodkas you will be spending the night with. You will get to try and sample 5 different types of fantastic Ppolish vodkas, each guaranteed to give the tastebuds a tingle! All the while the vodka expert will explain their origins. There will also be plenty of chance to have a chat and a laugh whilst the drinks are flowing. There will be snacks included to wash it down and get you ready for the next taste!


  • Professional Mixologist
  • Venue hire
  • 5 different vodkas to try
  • snacks
  • local guide


  • Based on a minimum group size of 8, if group size is below 8 then price per person will increase
  • Group members must be 18 or over
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