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Target Madness

Target Madness

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Target Madness is the best of three different target activities which are Clay Pigeon Shooting, Axe Throwing and Archery. Precision, skill and a steady eye will be what you need to complete the Target Madness challenges.

Archery – Take aim and become a modern day Robin Hood with an Archery session. You will have expert tuition from fully trained instructors so by the end of it you’ll be taking part in the Hunger Games!

Clay Pigeon Shooting – Put on your Barbour jacket and get a taste of the countryside with Clay Pigeon Shooting. Each person will have 25 shots so see which one of you has the best aim.

Axe Throwing – Bring out the Viking in you with Axe Throwing. This is an extreme activity where you will be using sharp stainless steel axes. You’ll feel real satisfaction watching the axes sink into the wood target.


  • Experienced Instructors
  • Expert Tuition
  • All Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Event Insurance


  • Based on a minimum group size of 6 people, if group drops below 6 the price per person will increase.
  • Located approximately 7 miles South-East from Gatwick Airport
  • Duration approximately 3 hours
  • Toilets on site as well as a tea room serving snacks and refreshments
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