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Tank Driving

Tank Driving

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Tank Driving in Budapest is an experience that you’ll be stuck to find somewhere else. It is exactly what it says: you and your mates, in a tank. What more could you ask for?


Step into a massive military tank and see just what it’s really like to be in these massive real war tanks. The Stag will be able to take control, driving himself and the group around for ten minutes before a professional takes over. Feel the real power and get the proper kind of adrenaline experience. It really is a one of a kind experience, one that’ll have you telling your friends and family about and will leave you wanting more. When you’re in a tank, you’ll feel unstoppable!


  • Real War Tank
  • Overalls and Boots
  • Transfer to and from hotel
  • Fun English speaking guide/instructor


  • Stag gets 10 minutes driving time, others ride as passengers
  • Based on minimum of 8 people, if group drops below 8 the price per person will increase
  • Maximum of 15 people can ride on the tank
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