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Shooting Range

Shooting Range

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All the power will be in your hands at the Shooting Range in Krakow. Have a go at something you can’t do at home as you take on your mates to become the ultimate firing master.

This is your chance to get your hands on some serious machinery. We’re talking Russian Ak-47 Kalashnikow machine guns, Shot guns and pistols to name a few. An instructor will be on hand to show you how to hold these dangerous weapons. Learn to aim these machines at specifically designed targets and combine skill with precision. Each person will receive 30 bullets per person broken down into the following –

AK-47 Kalashnikow – 5 shots

12mm Shotgun – 5 shots

5.6mm Pistol / Carbain – 10 shots

9mm Glock – 5 shots

9mm CZ85 Combat Pistol – 5 shots


  • 30 bullets per person over 5 guns
  • Professional instructor
  • Safety briefing
  • Return transfers


  • Minimum group size of 10 people to participate



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