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Save The Groom GPS Game

Save The Groom GPS Game

A combination of a Treasure Hunt and a Murder Mystery, the Save The Groom GPS Treasure Hunt is a brilliant Hen Party Game to get you out and about! Explore your chosen city while you run around trying to save the groom.


In this GPS Hen Party Treasure Hunt Style Game, you need to join Detective Dick Daley and rescue the groom from the slimy Lez Lizard! Rumour has it that Lez tried to force the groom to book his sleazy nightclub as a wedding venue and when the groom refused, Lez kidnapped him and his holding him ransom for £60k!

Using smartphones, your Hen Party will split into teams to find suspects dotted around the city. Groups will need to solve puzzles and complete challenges at each stage to save the groom in time! Teams will be competing against each other as well as the clock with a live leaderboard keeping track as you go. If you’re looking for a Hen Party Scavenger Hunt with a twist, look no further!


  • Smartphone App
  • Treasure Hunt / Scavenger Hunt Style Game
  • Puzzles and Challenges
  • Leaderboard


  • Minimum group size of 6 people required to book (two teams of three)
  • Duration is approximately 90 minutes
  • Participants will need to download a smartphone app to take part
  • You can play anytime as login codes will be sent to you so you don’t have to book a particular date
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