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Pub Crawl Platinum Package

Pub Crawl Platinum Package

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Elevate your night out in London with our Pub Crawl Platinum Package! This isn’t just a night on the town; it’s a premium, unforgettable experience designed just for you.


The Pub Crawl Platinum Package is the Gold Package but dialed up to eleven! Starting between 19:00 and 20:00, this premium package doesn’t just offer free shots and entries to London’s hottest venues, but also welcomes you with a reception at the first venue. A free drink at the last venue and photos of the night add the cherry on top. Navigate through London’s night scene with your private tour guide and a custom itinerary, while enjoying exclusive drink deals via your special wristband.


  • Free Shots at Each Venue
  • Free Entry at Each Venue
  • VIP and Queue Jump Entry
  • Welcome Reception at First Venue
  • Exclusive Wristband with Amazing Drink Deals
  • Private Tour Guide
  • Custom Itinerary for Your Group
  • Free Drink at Last Venue
  • Photos of the Night


  • Over 18s only, ID may be required
  • Dress code may apply at certain venues
  • Custom itinerary subject to venue availability and group size
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    Pub Crawl Platinum Package FAQ’s

    Q: What time does the Pub Crawl Platinum Package start?
    A: The experience starts between 19:00 and 20:00.

    Q: What’s included in the Welcome Reception?
    A: The Welcome Reception at the first venue is a part of the Platinum Package to give you a premium start to the evening.

    Q: What special features differentiate the Platinum from the Gold Package?
    A: The Platinum Package includes a Welcome Reception at the first venue, a free drink at the last venue, and photos of the night, in addition to all the features of the Gold Package.

    Q: What does “VIP and Queue Jump Entry” entail?
    A: You’ll get fast-tracked entry into venues, skipping regular lines.

    Q: How do the exclusive wristband drink deals work?
    A: The wristband grants you special drink promotions at each venue.

    Q: Can the itinerary be customized?
    A: A custom itinerary will be created for your group, subject to venue availability and group size.