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Nightlife Guide

Nightlife Guide

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Our Riga Nightlife Guide is the perfect option if you don’t want a structured night tour. Our female nightlife guide will take you to the best places in town and accompany you around until the early hours. Unlike our guided Nightlife Tour, there is no set route but that also means that there are no drinks or club entries included.

Our Nightlife guide will advise on the best places to go based on what you want to do, maybe you just want to visit some trendy bars but you’re afraid you won’t get in, or maybe you just want to hit the club but you don’t know how to book a table! Taking our Nightlife Guide, we can help. We can’t guarantee that you will get into places but having us there will help greatly!


  • Female Nightlife Guide
  • Assistance with table bookings
  • Valuable nightlife information


  • Nightlife Guide available for approx. 4 hours
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