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Mud Wrestling

Mud Wrestling

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What’s better than two hot girls in next to no clothes? Two hot girls wrestling each other in a big puddle of mud!

When coming to Berlin on a stag do, this might not be the first activity you had planned but it will definitely be one that you remember for a long time! Just remember not to mention it in front of the future wife…

The sexy strippers will be fighting for a long 20 minutes, as they push each other to the floor the mud will be sliding down their hot bodies, dripping into places you could only ever imagine to go. You can expect to get dirty yourself as the mud splashes back at you, we would say it’s definitely worth it for the raunchy display that you get to see! If the stag wants to, he’s free to join in. Make his wildest dreams come true as he slides around with the two gorgeous girls!


  • 2 strippers wrestling in mud
  • Plastic pool with mud (or oil!)
  • One beer per person
  • Stag can choose to join in


  • Minimum group size of 10 people, if group drops below 10 the price per person will increase
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