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Medieval Mayhem

Medieval Mayhem

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Journey back to a time of Knights, Castles and Fair Maidens with Medieval Mayhem. Take part in Medieval themed challenges designed to encourage logical and tactical thinking in unusual ways!


Medieval Mayhem will take you on a journey through time back to the medieval ages. Teams will compete in challenges to earn ammunition (bean bags) which will be important for a big final siege! All challenges are medieval themed such as assembling a suit of armour whilst blindfolded and will require teams to work together which will encourage communication. Led by a costumed Event Host, teams will work to gather enough ammunition to destroy their opponents castle and win the battle of all battles!

The medieval themed challenges can include the following –

Suit of Armour – See if you can put together a suit of armour whilst blindfolded!

Maypole Dance – Dance around a maypole in a certain sequence to make the right patterns needed.

In The Stocks – Work together to complete a puzzle whilst in the stocks.

Jousting Tournament – Compete on Space Hopper horses to beat your opponent in a jousting battle

Trebuchet Build – Use Ye Olde building instructions to assemble a trebuchet siege engine which will be vital in your final battle

The Battle – Using the ammunition earned in previous challenges and your trebuchet, use your best throwing techniques to destroy your opponents castle.

This outdoor team building event is suitable for everyone due to the mixed variety of challenges which require different skills. Expect to encourage and improve leadership, problem solving and team morale among other things!


  • Costumed Event Host
  • Event Manager and Team
  • Activity Equipment
  • PA System and Music
  • 4.5m x 3m Gala Tent
  • Novelty Prizes
  • Public Liability Insurance


  • Ideally a large outdoor space (eg. either large grounds or playing field)


  • This event is suitable for groups from 20 – 100 up to a maximum of 12 teams.
  • Guests can be in teams of 5 – 8 people, even number of teams is required
  • The event duration is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours depending on group size
  • Event Team will require two hours set up time so will need venue access
  • Challenges may vary according to availability, group size or suitability to event / venue

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