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Life Drawing

Life Drawing

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Life Drawing is a great chance to hone your artistic skills (or lack of!) and have a bit of a giggle to help break the ice among your hen group. With the guidance of an art tutor and the vision of your nude model you could create the next Michaelangelo masterpiece!


On arrival at your event you will be greeted by a professional artist and your model. After making introductions and meeting your muse you will be shown to your kits and prepare to release your inner artist. You will have time to let loose a little. Each person will have their own easel and art supplies, and an introduction to the basics of proportion and anatomy drawing.

You will be guided by your art tutor to draw your model in a variety of different art styles. The plan is to each have your own representation of your nude model…that’s if you haven’t been distracted by fits of giggles around the room! Once your session is over you can all compare your drawings and even pick the best likeness (or worst!)

  • 2 hour life drawing class with model
  • Professional artist guidance
  • All materials and equipment
  • Duration: 2 hour approx.
  • Minimum group size of 10 people
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