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Lasertag Munich

Lasertag Munich

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Ever play Lasertag when you were a kid? Now you can play with your friends as a grown up! Imagine yourself as a real life hero as you aim to be the Lasertag Munich champion.


Experience Munichs largest Lasertag arena with its high-tech laser weaponry and let the laser battle commence! Divide your group into teams and our professional team will suit you up with specially designed armour vests so you look the part. You will then go through to the Laser arena. The lights will dim and your eyes will adjust as blacklight obstacles become clear. Use these obstacles to duck, dive and hide behind as you avoid the laser beams from the opposite team! The aim of the game is to stay alive (in other words don’t let anyone hit you with their laser gun…)


  • Three 15 – 20 minute games of Lasertag
  • Briefing from Instructor
  • All Equipment
  • One free drink per person


  • Minimum group size of 10, if group drops below 10 price per person will increase.
  • Duration approx 2 hours
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