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Kidnap Your MD

Kidnap Your MD

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Kidnap Your MD is an adrenaline-pumping experience, inspired by the CIA, MI5, and elite military operations. Picture this: You’re stuck in a dull presentation when hooded actors suddenly burst in, kidnapping your boss in a well-staged drama. Left behind is a locked briefcase filled with clues to a criminal plot.


Join ‘Kidnap Your MD’ for a high-stakes team-building experience in the UK. Select themes like Survival or CSI, learn skills, and face challenges. Collaborate to solve the mystery, confront the kidnappers, and free the hostage. Enhance teamwork and strategy in this unforgettable group adventure.


  • Themed Actors/Kidnappers
  • Opening/Closing Scenes
  • Challenges & Activities
  • Travel To Your Venue


  • Venue Finding Assistance
  • Meeting Room Hire
  • Accommodation
  • Refreshments
  • Branding Alignment
  • Additional Prizes


  • UK Wide: Enquire for locations.
  • Outdoor Only: Outdoor activity.
  • Time: 2-3 hours, varies by group size.
  • Price: Group size dependent.
  • Space: Outdoor area, power needed.
  • Locations: Nationwide.
  • Participants: 10+ people.
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    FAQs for the Kidnap Your MD

    1. What locations are available for this activity?

    This activity is available UK wide, with mobile nationwide service. Please enquire for more specific location details.

    2. Can this activity be conducted indoors?

    No, this activity is designed to be an outdoor-only experience.

    3. How much time should we allocate for this activity?

    The activity typically takes between 2-3 hours, but this may vary based on the group size.

    4. How is the cost determined for this activity?

    The price is contingent on the size of the group. For a detailed quote, please contact us.

    5. What are the requirements for the venue?

    The venue must be a large outdoor space with access to power.

    6. Is there a participant limit for this activity?

    The activity is suitable for groups of 10 or more people.

    7. Can we choose different challenges or themes for the activity?

    Yes, there are several themes and challenges that you can choose from to suit your preferences.

    8. Is customization possible to reflect our organization’s values?

    Absolutely, the event can be tailored to integrate your company’s core values or specific needs.

    9. Are there additional options like refreshments or accommodation?

    Yes, options such as refreshments and accommodation are available as upgrades.

    10. What safety measures are in place for this activity?

    Participant safety is our priority, and all necessary precautions and guidelines are followed to ensure a safe experience.