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Jelly Wrestling

Jelly Wrestling

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If you were looking for something a little bit different for your stag do, then Jelly Wrestling is the perfect choice. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the name… only better. Watch as two hot female wrestlers strip down to their bikinis and get their fight on, all the while covered in warm jelly-like oil. Watch them douse themselves for your pleasure and entertainment.

The stag better be prepared himself though… the final round will see the girls pull him in with them to get involved in the slippery action! These two European beauties will be a sight to behold during this sexy wrestling experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen first hand before!


  • Venue entry
  • three jelly wrestling rounds, with stag involved in final round
  • local guide


  • Minimum group size is 10, if group size is below 10 then price per person will increase
  • Duration approx. 1 hour, jelly wrestling lasts approx. 20 minutes total
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