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iPad Movie Makers

iPad Movie Makers

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Utilise the very latest cutting edge technology with our iPad Movie Makers event for your team building group! Using Apple iPad tablet computers and our user friendly editing software, take part in modern movie making magic and watch as your teams get creative and put their teamwork to work! Few team building activities have tangible results, but this iPad activity is the ultimate in creative challenges, as teams enjoy the opportunity of directing, acting and capturing high quality videos in full high definition!

So how does it work?

The event starts with a briefing by a professional compere, on whatever the chosen criteria for the films would be. Then it’s time to start brainstorming! Each team nominates a director and an ‘iPad operative’. The iPad operative will then be briefed by an Apple expert, who wil instruct all group members on how to use the technology. They will also be on hand throughout the event for assistance.  The app used for this event is so simple that you can edit as you go along, to ensure each movie has a professional finish and is completed within the timeframe.

The movies will then be shown back through a high definition projector and the compere adds a touch of glamour to the event, introducing the movies and getting an insight into the making of the films from the directors.

With a variety of genres and ptions to choose from, groups can create videos that could focus on any of the following: Company Objectives, USPs, Viral Company Advertisements, etc, or they can simply have fun by filming Music Videos or event attempting their own version of the internet phenomenon, Lip Syncing! The possibilities are endless and it’s up to each group what type of film they would like to make!


  • A professional host
  • Event Manager – a main point of contact on the day ensuring the smoothest of event deliveries.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable crew to help facilitate the event and get teamwork and competitive juices flowing
  • All equipment – including iPad suites, tripods and lighting
  • Prizes – the winning team gets medals!
  • Bespoke audiovisual presentation


  • Minimum group size of 10, maximum group size unlimited
  • Duration from 1-3 hours depending on group size
  • Price dependent on group size, enquire for more details
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