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Interactive Darts Package

Interactive Darts Package

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Transform your usual group outing into an extraordinary experience with the Interactive Darts Package. Available at our exclusive venue, this unique offering lets groups of friends, colleagues, or party-goers break free from traditional gatherings and immerse themselves in an exciting night of darts and drinks.


Welcome to the Interactive Darts Package, where the routine of everyday life is replaced with the thrill of competition and delightful refreshments. Offering a thrilling escape from the ordinary, this experience is perfect for any group event, whether it’s team-building, celebrating special occasions, or simply having a great time.

With this package, you will get the star treatment with 2 hours of darts playtime, complimentary oche hire for the Guest of Honour, and a delightful selection of drinks. Choose from draft beer, single spirit mixers, or prosecco, each ensuring a satisfying experience throughout the evening. You will get a double top buffet to share including sample dishes such as hummus and flatbread, honey glazed cocktail sausages, chickpea falafels, salt & pepper squid, loaded fries, buffalo wings & spicy Korean wings


  • 2 Hours of Darts
  • Complimentary Oche Hire for Guest Of Honour
  • Complimentary Arrival Drink
  • Three Additional Drinks Each
  • Double Top Buffet to Share


  • A minimum group size of 12 people is required to book
  • Alternative drink options are available
  • Food and drink are served in the designated area
  • Book today for an unforgettable experience of fun, food, and friendly competition!
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    FAQ’s for the Interactive Darts Package

    Q: How many people are required to book the Interactive Darts Package?

    A: The package requires a minimum group size of 12 people.

    Q: What’s included in the Double Top Buffet?

    A: The buffet includes a variety of dishes such as hummus and flatbread, honey-glazed cocktail sausages, chickpea falafels, salt & pepper squid, loaded fries, buffalo wings, and spicy Korean wings.

    Q: Can I book this package for a corporate event or team-building activity?

    A: Absolutely! The Interactive Darts Package is perfect for team-building events, corporate gatherings, or any special occasions.

    Q: Are non-alcoholic drink options available?

    A: Yes, alternative drink options are available. Please inform us of your preferences when booking.

    Q: Can we extend the time of darts play beyond 2 hours?

    A: Additional time may be available upon request and may incur extra charges. Please contact us for more details.

    Q: Is there a dress code for this activity?

    A: There’s no strict dress code, but we recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows easy movement for playing darts.

    Q: What if we have fewer than 12 people in our group?

    A: The package is designed for a minimum of 12 participants. If your group is smaller, please contact us to discuss alternative options or possible accommodations.

    Q: How do I book the Interactive Darts Package?

    A: You can book the package through our website or contact us directly via phone or email. Our team is happy to assist you with your reservation.

    Q: Are there any age restrictions for this activity?

    A: Since the package includes alcoholic drinks, participants must be of legal drinking age. Please have valid ID ready upon arrival.

    Q: Is the venue accessible for individuals with mobility issues?

    A: We strive to accommodate all guests. Please contact us in advance to discuss any specific accessibility needs.