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Indoor Climbing

Indoor Climbing

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Indoor Climbing is the ultimate unique experience designed to get the adrenaline pumping for your celebrations! It is an incredibly fun, blood pumping activity that’s ideal for groups who love to be active and put their own strength and skill to the test. Who will come out on top and who will fail to scale the wall?

An instructor will provide a safety briefing and be on hand at all times for support. Scale the surfaces and carefully manoeuvre your way up the wall. Cheer on your mates as they try themselves, this activity is the perfect combination of fun, sport and celebration.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro-climber, this activity is sure to fill your day with sweat, giggles and much-needed exercise to burn off all those calories you’ve consumed from beer!


  • 90 Minute Activity
  • 30 Minute Introduction by Instructor
  • Rental Shoes
  • Climbing Equipment
  • Padlocks


  • Minimum group size of 10 people, if group size is below 10 then price per person will increase
  • This is a testing activity so please ensure all group members are fit and able
  • Recommended to wear light clothing and trainers
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