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Indoor Adventure Golf Package

Indoor Adventure Golf Package

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Unlock an interstellar golf experience like no other! Our Indoor Adventure Golf Package takes you on a journey through Space Odyssey or Galactic Explorers, with a drink in hand and a pizza buffet awaiting your victory.


Dive into a celestial landscape and pick between two thrilling 18-hole courses: Space Odyssey or Galactic Explorers. The vibrant cosmic themes and innovative challenges will offer both newbies and pros a uniquely entertaining experience. But the fun doesn’t stop there—after sinking your final putt, celebrate your triumph with a cold brew, a steaming coffee, or a refreshing soda.

As the saying goes, “Victory tastes sweet—or in this case, cheesy.” A mouth-watering pizza buffet is at the ready to fuel you up for whatever adventure comes next. Whether you’re bonding with co-workers, friends, or family, this Indoor Adventure Golf Package offers the perfect balance of competition and camaraderie.


  • Option to play the second course
  • Private venue hire


  • One 18-hole round on either Space Odyssey or Galactic Explorers course
  • One drink per person (alcoholic options, soft drinks, hot drinks available)
  • Pizza buffet post-game


  • Minimum of 10 players required
  • Alcoholic drinks served to 18+ only
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear for optimal game play
  • Buffet serves a variety of pizza options, including vegetarian
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    Indoor Adventure Golf Package FAQ

    Q: How many players do we need to book the Indoor Adventure Golf Package?
    A: A minimum of 10 players is required to book this experience.

    Q: Can we choose which 18-hole course to play?
    A: Absolutely! You have the option to pick between the Space Odyssey and the Galactic Explorers course.

    Q: What types of drinks are included in the package?
    A: Each player can choose from alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, or hot drinks. Please note that alcoholic drinks are only available for those who are 18 and over.

    Q: Can we play both Space Odyssey and Galactic Explorers?
    A: While the basic package includes one 18-hole course, you can certainly upgrade to include a round on the second course for the ultimate 36-hole experience.

    Q: What does the pizza buffet include?
    A: Our pizza buffet offers a variety of options, including vegetarian choices, to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

    Q: Is private venue hire available?
    A: Yes, private venue hire is an option if you’re looking to make the experience more exclusive. This is perfect for larger groups, corporate events, or special occasions. Contact us for pricing and availability.

    Q: What should we wear for the activity?
    A: We recommend comfortable clothing and footwear to ensure you can focus on your game and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

    Q: Are there age restrictions for this activity?
    A: There are no age restrictions for the golf itself, but please note that alcoholic drinks will only be served to those who are 18 and over.

    Q: Can we bring our own food or drinks?
    A: Outside food and drinks are not allowed as the package includes a drink for each player and a post-game pizza buffet.