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Ice Bar

Ice Bar

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If you haven’t visited an Ice Bar before here is your chance. Experience what it feels like to be in temperatures of -10 degrees! By the time you leave you will feel as thought you’ve been stranded on the North Pole!

We are offering you entry to literally the coolest bar in Amsterdam! A host will provide everyone with a thermal coat and gloves to help keep you warm in -10 degree temperatures. Once inside the Ice Bar you will find your surroundings are made of one thing and one thing only – Ice! The sculptures, furniture, artwork, bar and even the walls are made out of ice. Each member of the group will receive 3 free drinks – served in an ice glass of course! It’s the ultimate chill out experience.


  • Entrance to the Ice Bar
  • 1 hour duration
  • 3 free drinks per person
  • Drinks served in glasses made of ice


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