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High Ropes Experience

High Ropes Experience

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The High Ropes Experience Leeds has to be one of the most exciting activities available. Challenge yourself by climbing and swinging your way to the top!


Based inside the trees, we have a variety of high and low challenges for you to attempt. Attempt to achieve the Low All Aboard successfully, or even try and make it to the top of our 35ft Leap of Faith!

We pride ourselves on the fact that our ropes courses are set up in the traditional element way, meaning that you won’t be left in the trees unattended all day and instead will have your own instructor on hand to encourage and support you whilst jumping off at amazing heights. High Ropes is designed to be fun, challenging and more importantly… safe. So come and have a go!


  • Professional instructor
  • Specialist and fully inspected equipment
  • Various games and challenges including ‘Leap of Faith’ and ‘Mohawk Walk’


  • Active/outdoor clothing is advised
  • Weight limit is 21 stone
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