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Festive VR

Festive VR

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Discover the thrill of our Festive VR Challenge, a standout experience for teams this holiday season. Dive into a world where the festivities come to life, making every moment feel like a special Christmas celebration!


What is VR? Virtual Reality lets you step into a computer-made world. With a special headset, you can look and move around like you’re really there. It turns games and videos into something you can almost touch and feel.

We’ll split everyone into two groups. These games are single-player, point-based, and have a leaderboard. Players from both groups will compete in two different festive virtual reality experiences, trying to win the most points to top the leaderboard and become the champion. Whether it’s snowball fights or winter skiing, teams must use their skills in planning and organisation, all in the name of fun, of course! It’s a lively way to bond and celebrate together during the holiday season!

Cool VR Games to Play:

  1. Snowball Fight: Go into a quiet place that turns into a snowball game. Snow falls and lights shine bright. Try to avoid getting hit by snowballs and hit many moving targets. The player with the best score wins!
  2. Winter Skiing: It feels like a snowy holiday, but you have to be active. Avoid reindeer, snow slides, and hidden things. Stay steady and try to do your best on the snowy path. The top scorer wins again!

For the holidays, give your team a fun VR game experience. Join these challenges and enjoy the fun and team spirit from start to finish!


  • Professional VR Host
  • VR Headset Equipment
  • VR Games
  • Immersive Props
  • Event Coordination
  • Travel to your Venue


  • Book early to secure your preferred date and time. Adjust participant numbers later if needed.
  • Group limit: 35 people.
  • Event length: ~120 minutes.
  • Mobile activity: Host anywhere.
  • Requirements: Power supply & 4m x 3m space with standing room.
  • Indoor-exclusive.
  • For groups over 35, enquire for pricing.
  • Tailor events: Adjust time, activities, and budget.
  • Mix games at an extra charge.
  • 2 hours needed for both setup and wrap-up.
  • Travel is included within 25 miles of Essex and charged outside of that radius.
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    Festive VR Challenge – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is the Festive VR Challenge?
    The Festive VR Challenge is a set of virtual reality games themed around the holiday season. Participants can dive into immersive experiences like snowball fights and winter skiing.

    2. How many players can participate at once?
    Each game is designed for single-player action. However, multiple setups can accommodate groups, with a leaderboard tracking scores across participants.

    3. How long does each VR experience last?
    Each VR challenge typically lasts around 120 minutes, including setup and a brief tutorial.

    4. Do I need prior VR experience to participate?
    No, beginners are welcome! Our VR experts will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

    5. Are there age restrictions for participants?
    While there’s no strict age limit, we recommend the challenge for ages 10 and above due to the equipment size and game complexity.

    6. Do you provide all necessary equipment?
    Yes, we provide a full-tech VR headset, props, and have dedicated VR experts for guidance.

    7. Can the Festive VR Challenge be hosted at any venue?
    Yes, it’s a mobile activity. However, ensure there’s a power supply and a 4m x 3m space for each setup. It’s designed as an indoor-exclusive activity.

    8. Are there any additional costs?
    Travel is included within 25 miles of Essex and charged outside of that radius. For groups over 35 or additional customizations, contact us for pricing details.

    9. How do I book a session?
    To secure your preferred date and time, book as early as possible. Even if you’re unsure of the final participant count, we can adjust closer to the date.

    10. What safety measures are in place?
    We ensure that all equipment is sanitized before and after use. Additionally, our VR experts will guide participants on safe gameplay, ensuring physical safety within the virtual environment.