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Festive Escape Game – The Final Cypher

Festive Escape Game – The Final Cypher

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Dive into our festive escape game this holiday season, a revamped version of the fan-favorite, Final Cypher!


Join the Cypher in London for a festive escape game. Solve the mystery of a unique briefcase, tackle intriguing puzzles, and race against time to save your agent’s reputation.

We manage all the details, from equipment to hosting. The game begins with a secret briefing and ends with rewarding prizes. All you need to do is gather your team and take on the mission.

Looking for a unique year-end challenge? Discover our festive escape adventure, perfect for those seeking excitement and team bonding. For a virtual option, explore the Holiday Heist – Festive Virtual Escape Room.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Venue Assistance
  • Meeting Room (Pre/Post-Event)
  • Lodging
  • Refreshments.


  • 90-minute pop-up escape game
  • Dedicated Gamesmaster for your session
  • Includes all props, puzzles, and gadgets
  • Prize-giving ceremony included
  • Comprehensive event management
  • Simply arrive and enjoy!


  • Space/Venue: Room for 1 table per team (4-6 people).
  • Locations: Available in London and The Home Counties
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Participants: Suitable for groups of 10+ people.
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    FAQs for “Final Cypher” – The 90-minute Escape Game Adventure


    1. What is “Final Cypher” about?

    It’s a thrilling activity where participants solve puzzles and challenges within 90 minutes, aiming to “escape” or complete a given mission.

    2. How many people can participate?

    The game is tailored for groups of 10+ people. Each team consists of 4-6 members.

    3. What do we need to bring?

    Just your thinking caps! All necessary props, puzzles, and gadgets are provided. Simply arrive and enjoy.

    4. Where can this activity be conducted?

    “Final Cypher” is hosted in specific locations in London and the Home Counties. Ensure you have a room that can fit one table per team of 4-6 players.

    5. Is there a Gamesmaster?

    Yes, a dedicated Gamesmaster will be present to run your session and ensure everything goes smoothly.

    6. What happens if we don’t solve the challenges within the timeframe?

    The primary goal is fun and team bonding. Even if you don’t complete all challenges in time, you’ll still have an enjoyable experience and perhaps learn strategies for the future!

    7. Is “Final Cypher” suitable for corporate team-building events?

    Absolutely! The escape game fosters collaboration, problem-solving, and communication, making it a top choice for teams aiming to bond and hone skills.

    8. Can we customize the game for a special event or theme?

    While there may be some opportunities for customization, it’s best to contact us directly with your specifics.

    9. Are there any age restrictions for participants?

    “Final Cypher” is best suited for adults due to its complexity. Teenagers accompanied by adults might also find it enjoyable. Reach out for specific age recommendations.

    10. How do I book the “Final Cypher” escape game adventure?

    Booking can be made directly through our website or by contacting our customer service team for assistance.

    A memorable time is guaranteed for all participants!