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Fantasy Lounge – VIP Package

Fantasy Lounge – VIP Package

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Elevate your night to unparalleled heights with the Fantasy Lounge VIP Package. Situated in the heart of the city, Fantasy Lounge is the ultimate destination for those looking to indulge in an extraordinary, adult-oriented experience. Tailored for stag do’s and exclusive gatherings, this package provides the epitome of luxury and personalized attention.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? The Fantasy Lounge VIP Package takes your evening to a whole new level of exclusivity and sophistication. Enjoy reserved tables in a prime location, offering the best views and immediate access to the high-class entertainment that makes Fantasy Lounge famous. Beyond that, your VIP status entitles you to a stellar drinks package featuring premium spirits, served right at your table. From the moment you walk in, you’ll experience the VIP treatment—complete with personalized service, ensuring that your night is as seamless as it is memorable.


  • Immediate Entry
  • Full-Service Bar
  • Reserved Tables in Prime Location
  • Drinks Packages with Premium Spirits
  • VIP Treatment and Personalized Service


  • Entry is subject to behaviour, if anyone is deemed to be too drunk or behaving badly they may be refused entrance
  • Age Restrictions: Must be 18 or older with valid ID.
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    Fantasy Lounge VIP Package FAQ

    Q: What is the Fantasy Lounge VIP Package?
    A: The Fantasy Lounge VIP Package is an exclusive offering tailored specifically for stag do’s. The package provides guests with reserved tables, a premium drinks package, and personalized VIP treatment.

    Q: What’s included in the VIP Package?
    A: The VIP Package includes reserved tables in prime locations, a drinks package featuring premium spirits, and VIP treatment with personalized service.

    Q: Is there a dress code for VIP guests?
    A: Yes, the dress code remains smart casual for VIP guests. Sports attire is not permitted.

    Q: Are there age restrictions for the VIP Package?
    A: Absolutely, guests must be 18 or older and possess a valid ID to enjoy the VIP experience.

    Q: How do I book the Fantasy Lounge VIP Package?
    A: You can book the VIP Package through the Fantasy Lounge website or by contacting the venue directly for availability and pricing.

    Q: Are group bookings available for the VIP Package?
    A: Yes, the VIP Package is ideally suited for stag do’s. Contact the venue directly for special group rates and availability.

    Q: What types of drinks are included in the drinks package?
    A: The drinks package includes a selection of premium spirits, although the exact offerings may vary. Please contact the venue for specific details.

    Q: Is entry guaranteed with the VIP Package?
    A: Entry is still subject to behaviour and club capacity. VIP guests who are deemed too intoxicated or disruptive may be refused entry.