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Face Yoga

Face Yoga

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Are you feeling a little stressed? Looking to focus on your wellbeing a bit more? Look no further than Face Yoga! We all get stressed at work and need to relax a bit. Face Yoga focuses on mindfulness and relaxation, helping you to feel a little calmer by the time you’re back behind the desk!

If you’re looking for something a little different in the relaxation field, Face Yoga could be the activity for you! Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the Face Yoga instructor, who will lead you through this active, relaxing and peaceful experience. The instructor teaches you techniques and sequences that will reduce tension in your face and relax your mind. Doesn’t that sound nice? There’s even the added benefit of mirrors and oils! These will help immerse you into the experience and make sure you’re doing everything correctly! You’ll even get to take these exercises away with you to practice mindfulness. After all, the benefits of Face Yoga don’t stop at the door!


  • Face Yoga Instructor
  • Mirrors
  • Oils


  • This mobile experience can be hosted in your office or at a venue of your choice
  • Space to sit
  • Table space in front of participants


  • Event duration 60 minutes
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