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Evening Spy Challenge

Evening Spy Challenge

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Welcome to the Evening Spy Challenge, an exhilarating corporate event that will add a thrilling twist to your evening meal! Prepare for an unforgettable experience as your tables transform into teams, engaging in a friendly yet competitive battle for the prestigious Spy Dollar. With a combination of challenges and activities, your team’s collective knowledge and skills will be put to the ultimate test!


The Evening Spy Challenge is designed to foster interaction and communication among your team while seamlessly integrating with the dinner service. Throughout the event, participants remain comfortably seated with their teammates as our special agents deploy a variety of activities and challenges directly to your table.

To kick off the event, each team is presented with a locked briefcase, and your mission is to crack the code and unlock its contents. Inside, you’ll find a series of paper-based observational challenges that will test your team’s knowledge and skills. During the intervals between courses, your table can partake in additional code-breaking and safe-cracking challenges. While some puzzles can be solved at the table, one team member will need to swiftly rush to the ticking bomb located in the corner of the room. Successfully deactivating the bomb will not only ensure your safety but also reward your team with a generous cash prize (Spy Dollars)

After dessert, it’s time for a show-stopping spectacle. Selected representatives from each table will take center stage for the head-to-head pistol draw competition. Equipped with holsters and guns, our expert instructor will provide brief tuition before the thrilling heats commence. The competition will determine who makes it to the final round, where the fastest quick draw will claim the prestigious champions award and secure the cash prize (Spy Dollars) for their team.


  • Event Instructor Team
  • Event Management
  • Spy Challenge Equipment
  • Spy Dollar Prizes
  • Travel to your location
  • Event Insurance


  • A minimum group size of 20 people is recommended for this experience however, it can be run for groups of 12+
  • This event is designed to be served as add on entertainment to your evening meal event. Meal is not included.
  • The event will last the duration of your evening meal (approximately two to three hours)
  • Cash prizes are awarded in Spy Dollars and not real cash. Spy Dollars can be made bespoke including company logo etc for additional cost.
  • Private dining is advised for this event
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    Q: How does the Evening Spy Challenge work?

    A: Participants are seated at their tables with their team members throughout the event. Special agents deploy various activities and challenges directly to the tables, ensuring that the dinner service remains uninterrupted. Teams are initially given locked briefcases and must crack the codes to open them. Inside, they will find paper-based observational challenges that test their knowledge and skills.

    Q: Will the Evening Spy Challenge disrupt our dinner service?

    A: No, the Evening Spy Challenge is designed to seamlessly integrate with the dinner service. Participants remain seated at their tables while the activities and challenges are delivered to them. The event is structured to ensure minimal disruption and allow for interaction and communication among team members.

    Q: Is any prior experience or training required to participate?

    A: No prior experience or training is necessary. The Evening Spy Challenge is designed for all participants, regardless of their background or skill level. The challenges and activities are designed to be enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved.

    Q: How long does the Evening Spy Challenge last?

    A: The duration of the event can vary depending on the specific arrangements and the size of the participating groups. It is typically designed to fit within the timeframe of an evening meal, ensuring a well-paced and entertaining experience for all participants.

    Q: Is the Evening Spy Challenge suitable for large groups?

    A: Yes, the Evening Spy Challenge is suitable for both small and large groups. The event can be tailored to accommodate different group sizes, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable and immersive experience.