Escape Room

Escape Room


Do you consider yourself to be a clue hunter? A problem solver maybe? Think you can work the most difficult puzzles out before anyone else? Then Escape Rooms is the perfect chance to demonstrate your skills. Use your wits and try and escape or risk being locked in forever! (You can just ask if you need to be let out….)


Participants will be faced with different challenges and puzzles which they must work out in order to ‘escape’. Pick your team wisely as you will need players with good intuition and as well as mental ability. Different rooms provide different scenarios. Will you be stuck in a chamber about to be the subject of a scientific experiment? Or will you be stuck in a room with a ticking bomb with no choice but to escape. Each scenario will require you and your team to work as a team to find the clues, solve the puzzles and use anything you can find to find a way out.


  • Venue
  • Escape Games
  • 60 minute event
  • Themed rooms


  • Based on a minimum group size of 10
  • Groups over 10 will be split into groups

From £36pp

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