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DNA VIP Package

DNA VIP Package

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Looking to add a touch of luxury to your evening? The DNA VIP Package turns a great night out into an extraordinary experience. With VIP treatment from start to finish, this package lets you bask in the limelight as you dance the night away.


When ordinary just won’t do, go for the DNA VIP Package. Enjoy a dedicated VIP area where you can lounge in style, away from the crowds. Your premium drinks package ensures you’re never parched, and our exceptional service aims to meet your every need. From top-notch mixology to a curated playlist featuring everything from hip-hop to EDM, the DNA VIP Package is a cut above the rest. Don’t just go out; go all out.


  • VIP Booth
  • Premium Drinks Package


  • Karaoke Add-On: Enhance your VIP experience by taking part in Karaoke!


  • Entry may be refused if guests appear overly intoxicated.
  • Dress code: Think upscale—this is a VIP experience, after all!
  • VIP Package bookings include a mandatory £5 per person booking fee for premium drinks packages.
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    DNA VIP Package FAQ

    Q: How do I book the DNA VIP Package?
    A: Simply navigate to our website, select the DNA VIP Package option, and proceed with your booking to secure your VIP experience.

    Q: What’s included in the VIP Package?
    A: The DNA VIP Package includes a VIP Booth and a premium drinks package to keep the good times flowing.

    Q: What’s the dress code for the VIP experience?
    A: The dress code leans towards the upscale. You’re a VIP, so dress like one!

    Q: What happens if someone in my group appears overly intoxicated?
    A: For the safety and enjoyment of all patrons, anyone who appears overly intoxicated may be refused entry, even with a VIP booking.