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Crimbo Bingo Live!

Crimbo Bingo Live!

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Unveiling our latest sensation, Crimbo Bingo Live! We’ve transformed our renowned virtual game into an exhilarating real-life experience.


Join Crimbo Bingo Live for a unique Christmas twist: mark off festive songs instead of numbers! With special bingo cards and engaging mini-games, it’s the go-to festive entertainment. Elevate your Christmas celebration with us! Participants receive unique bingo cards and listen for familiar Christmas tunes, marking them on their cards as they are played. Rounds progress from marking one line to two, culminating in a full house, with fun mini-games and tie-breakers sprinkled throughout. With a blend of beloved Christmas hits and cheesy festive melodies, Crimbo Bingo Live offers a joyful, interactive experience for your holiday gathering.


  • Prize Packages: Win things like fancy TVs, Amazon Alexa or champagne.
  • Add More Games: Put in other games to play too.


  • Professional Host
  • Custom Bingo Cards with pens
  • 90 Minute Live Event
  • Optional Karaoke, Dance Offs and Lip Sync Battles
  • Optional Prizes!


  • To secure your date and time, please book as far in advance as possible, even if it is for less people than anticipated, we always have the option to add more people closer to the date.
  • Minimum number of people required is 10.
  • Approximate duration of 90 minutes.
  • This is a mobile experience and can be hosted anywhere.
  • Recommended table setup: cabaret-style.
  • Front space needed: 4m x 4m (includes projector, board, and tech).
  • Private room needed due to loud music; venue permission essential.
  • Venue must have power access.
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    FAQs for Christmas Bingo

    1. What is Christmas Bingo? Christmas Bingo is a festive twist on the traditional game, where players mark off Christmas songs instead of numbers for a jolly gaming experience.

    2. Do I need any special equipment to play? Each participant will receive a unique bingo card and a pen. All you need is a good ear for Christmas tunes!

    3. How long does each game session last? The game runs for approximately 90 minutes, including breaks for festive mini-games and tie-breakers if needed.

    4. Can I customize the bingo game for my event? Absolutely! If you have specific preferences in terms of duration, activities, or budget, let us know, and we’ll tailor the event to your needs.

    5. How many players can participate? We cater to groups of various sizes, but for groups of 35 or more, please contact us directly for more details and pricing.

    6. What are the space requirements? We recommend a space of 4m x 3m, ensuring there’s ample room for participants to stand and groove to the Christmas melodies.

    7. Are there prizes involved? Yes! Players can win a variety of prizes, from novelty items to luxury rewards like Amazon Alexa and premium champagne. The faster you call bingo, the higher your chances!

    8. Is the activity indoor-only? Yes, to ensure the best experience and sound quality, Christmas Bingo is designed to be an indoor-only event.

    9. How much setup time is required? We typically need up to 2 hours for setup and an additional 2 hours for packing away after the event.

    10. Can I combine other games with Christmas Bingo? Certainly! We offer the option to integrate other games into the event. However, do note that this might adjust the overall price.

    11. What if there’s a tie during the game? Don’t worry! We have fun tie-breakers in place to ensure a clear winner by the end of the session.

    12. Is there a power supply requirement? Yes, we need a nearby power supply to ensure the event runs smoothly.

    If you have any additional questions or specific requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!