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Crazy Foot Golf

Crazy Foot Golf

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Foot Golf is a craze sweeping the UK. It’s a combination of two of the worlds greatest sports, Football and Golf. With Newquay Crazy Foot Golf it’s a new twist on the Foot Golf craze! Gather your mates and see who’s the true Cristiano Ronaldo of the golf course and be crowned the Foot Golf champion!


You’ll be briefed before play on the basic rules, do’s and don’ts of the course. You group will be issued with footballs, scorecards and pencils for play. Similar to golf, the aim of the game is to get your football in the hole with as few kicks as possible. The distance between the tee and the hole changes from hole to hole and is likely to be adapted based on the playing area. In addition to this there will be some crazy obstacles to get the ball in or around. There’s definitely a certain amount of precision and skill required on this one! Foot Golf is a sport which combines the best of popular sports like Football with an elite sport like Golf.


  • Green Fees
  • Footballs, scorecards and pencils
  • 18 hole Event
  • Crazy Foot Golf obstacles


  • Based on minimum group size of 4 players
  • Activity will last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours (depending on ability!)
  • No football boots (studs or blades)
  • Ball deposit may be required
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