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Cocktail Making Workshop

Cocktail Making Workshop

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Here’s your chance to sample some of Amsterdams signature cocktails with your very own Cocktail Making Workshop. It’s a great ice breaker and the perfect way to have fun and get ready for your big night out in Amsterdam.

Held in one of Amsterdams most popular bars, this Cocktail Making Workshop will tell you all there is to learn about being a professional mixologist! Our enthuastic bartenders will have all the ingredients you just need to watch, learn then do! Prepare to be amazed (and drunk!) as you learn how to make 3 of the best and most potent cocktails. Once you’ve made them what’s left to do but drink them of course! On top of the 3 cocktails you make there will also be unlimited drinks for everyone during the entire workshop. Throw in some drinking games and you’re set for the night (if you’re still standing by the end of it that is!)


  • 90 Minute cocktail making session
  • Enthusiastic bartenders
  • Ingredients to make 3 cocktails
  • Free drinks throughout workshop


  • Minimum group size of 8 required
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