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Boot Camp

Boot Camp

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Choose a Boot Camp to get your adrenaline juices flowing and get the blood rushing as you take part in competitive mini-activities!

The Boot Camp is designed to be competitive whilst getting everyone working as a team. The event will start off with the Circuit Session which will incorporate mini-activities including Log Carry, Tyre Carry, Sledgehammer Hits and Hurdles. Your teammates will be cheering you on as you aim to get the quickest times for your team.

After the circuit session will be the group activities. This is where the teamwork comes in as you will need to communicate with each other in games such as Blindfolded Minefield and Three-Legged Race.  An instructor will be on hand throughout the day to give you direction with the various physical and mental challenges of the Boot Camp.


  • Venue Hire – can come to your own venue if required. Outdoor space is best.
  • Trained Instructors
  • Boot Camp Equipment


  • Boot Camp events are delivered outdoors due to space requirements.
  • Minimum group size of 20 people, if group drops below that size, price per person will increase.
  • Activities can be tailored to all fitness levels.
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