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Blindfold Driving and Laser Clays

Blindfold Driving and Laser Clays

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Blindfold Driving and Laser Clays are 2 activities that test not only your skill but also your instinct and precision. We’ve combined the two to create an exciting package that everyone can enjoy.

BLINDFOLD DRIVING – It’s simple really. You just have to drive through the 770m slalom course without hitting the poles. Sounds easy right? Now try doing it wearing blacked out goggles so you can’t see a single thing. Not so easy now. Your team mates will be inside and outside the vehicle and they will be your only eyes as they navigate you through the course. From the moment you put the goggles on you will be driving completely blind so you will have to trust your team mates and their instructions!

LASER CLAYS – This activity is a unique high tech version of clay pigeon shooting. You will be using real (de-activated) shotguns to shoot laser beams at discs fired from a traditional trap. The shotguns use an infra-red pulse which mirrors the action of a real life shot as it leaves the gun. Each gun has it’s own light indicator so you can easily track how good (or bad!) you are. It’s perfect for the groups that don’t want the noise or risk of bruising that can come with clay pigeon shooting.


  • Experienced Instructors
  • Off Road Vehicle
  • Laser Shotguns


  • Minimum group size of 6 to participate
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