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Beer Bike

Beer Bike

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Beer Bike is the perfect opportunity to have your own portable bar with the all the beer you’ll need! Pedal your way through Budapest whilst you sip on the finest beer we have to offer.


Drinking beer while pretending to be doing sports and bike riding, is the best way to explore this beautiful city. As a sober guide navigates you through the city, combine a drinking sesh with sightseeing in the ultimate tourist experience that is like no other. You will get a full 90 minutes on the beer bike as well as 20 litres of beer!


  • 90 Minutes exclusive beer bike rental
  • 20L of beer per bike
  • Fun English-speaking (and sober) guide


  • Fixed Cost of £325 per bike
  • Maximum of 15 people per bike. Larger groups will need to book additional bikes
  • Due to governing law, the beer bikes are unable to operate in the city centre of Budapest so they take place approximately 30-40 minutes outside of Budapest city centre in neighbouring towns. Meeting points are easily accessible via public transport.
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