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Beach Club BBQ

Beach Club BBQ

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Celebrate your weekend in Cologne in the most perfect way possible, by relaxing at a Beach Club in Cologne. Chill by the lake at your very own reserved club lounge area, and enjoy it all with drinks and good food. What’s not to like about the sound of this?

This renowned beach club is hugely popular with all types of groups, and has really gotten a reputation for excellent experiences. During your time here, you can enjoy a mouthwatering BBQ buffet. This is the perfect start to the evening and will really give you a taste before you continue your night’s celebrations!


  • Three Hour Beach Club Lounge Reservation
  • BBQ Buffet (including Pork Steaks, Sausages and Salad)
  • Grill, Charcoal and Accessories


  • Minimum group size is 10, if group size is under 10 then price per person will increase
  • Beach Club is approximately 30-40 minutes outside of the city centre
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