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Animate Stories

Animate Stories

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Ever wanted to try your hand at your own animation? Animate Stories is a fun and creative event that is perfect for team building. Based around this amazing stop motion technology, groups will have the opportunity to put together their own animated sequence from start to finish.The theme can be tailored to your team, project or business, it’s completely up to you!


Animate Stories starts with teams creating a ‘storyboard’ of the final desired outcome of their stop motion animation. The teams then, in their animation studio, take the objects of their animation and digitally record them moving through a series of small sequential steps. Once complete, the team play back their video to see their stop motion animation story come to life, with rewarding and often hilarious results! Create unique films and take a copy with you to show all your hard work. This really is an event for everyone,where the final outcome is there for all to see.

Some of the main benefits of this event include improved creative and communication skills, enhanced logical thinking for all group members, improved working relationships, and the opportunity to bring the brand to life!


  • A Professional Event Host
  • Travel to your Venue and Set-Up
  • Event Manager – a main point of contact on the day ensuring the smoothest of event deliveries.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable crew to help facilitate the games.
  • All equipment – including iPad suites, cameras, and all items you’ll need to create your animation
  • Prizes – the winning team gets medals!
  • Bespoke audiovisual presentation


  • Minimum group size of 15 people recommended
  • Duration from 1-4 hours depending on group size
  • If you do not have your own venue we can assist with venue recommendations
  • Price dependent on group size, enquire for more details
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    Animate Stories Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Animate Stories?

    Animate Stories is an activity where you create your own movie story using stop motion tech. Working in teams you will create your own mini movie showing a story of your choosing!

    1. Where does Animate Stories take place?

    Animate Stories takes place at a venue that you have booked. This can be a venue such as a hotel or your offices (space permitting).

    1. Is Animate Stories a good activity for Team Building?

    Animate Stories is a great activity to use for Team Building as it requires team work to create a storyboard and use their props to make their stop motion animation as seamless as possible.

    1. Do I need to bring anything to Animate Stories activity?

    No, you do not need to bring anything. All equipment required to run the event will be brought by our staff. Including a iPad suites, cameras and all props needed.