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Airsoft is the latest paintballing alternative for those who want the adrenaline rush but less of the mess! Forget Call of Duty, now you can play pretend in real life, right here in Prague!

Prepare your self for an all day military simulation game. Using replicas of real G17 guns you will be equipped with 900 BBs to wreak havoc on your opponents. Games are centered around attacking and defending a base and each team will have an objective to achieve. This is as real as it gets in terms of a combat scenario experience, using state of the art Airsoft equipment: M4 G17s, 900 BBs, and face/eye protection. Set indoors with specially designed zones and areas, it’s guaranteed to satisfy your warfare needs.


  • Two hour Airsoft tactical event
  • 900 balls
  • All equipment, including G17s, protective glasses, and safety equipment
  • Safety briefing and instructor
  • 1 beer per person


  • Duration is two hours
  • Minimum group size of 8, if group is below 8 then price increases
  • Min. age is 16 years

From £59pp

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