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We know everyone might feel like they have had their fill of Zoom calls this year but trust us, Zoom isn’t just for the office. There are so many Virtual Hen Party ideas you can do where you can still get your Hens together and have a great time at home.

With the UK being plunged into it’s third lockdown in just 10 months, it’s looking more likely that restrictions on activities and live events will be in place for the foreseeable.

You must be thinking “How can I have a Hen Do if we can’t go out, you must be mad?!’. That is where Virtual Events come in……

We’ve put together some of our favourite new Online Hen Do activities that can still give you something to look forward to!

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Virtual Cocktail Making is a big hit for all groups and even better, you don’t have to go out! All ingredients will be delivered to your doorstep so all you have to do is log on to Zoom and get ready for some boozy fun with the girls! Follow a professional Mixologist in a fun 30 minute Cocktail Making class with upgrade options for 45 minutes and 60 minutes with additional Cocktails!

The Big Virtual Hen Party

We’ve designed The Big Virtual Hen Party just for Hen Groups! It includes five brilliant interactive quiz rounds using a smartphone app including How Well Do You Know The Bride, Disney and Rom-Com Video round, Scavenger Hunt, Celebrity Picture Round plus a DJ Bingo finale using virtual technology! It’s a fun but casual way to get your Virtual Hen Party plans started.

Virtual Wedding Murder Mystery

The Virtual Wedding Murder Mystery is another Virtual event tailored for Hen Groups. Can you and your hens work together and solve the murder of wedding planner Crystal Flutes?! Using live actors playing characters including Detective Betty Diddit, you must work together to spot clues and solve the murder investigation in a Virtual Online Hen Do. Lots of fun and something to get the minds ticking!

Virtual Life Drawing Class

Life Drawing was extremely popular for Hens in 2020 so we have come up with a Virtual Life Drawing Class! Not everyone’s an artist but with a Life Drawing Class, your drawing ability will be the last thing on your mind! In this model-led Life Drawing Class, you can expect to have lots of fun with plenty of giggles. Either way this class is designed to show that no matter your artistic ability, a drawing class can be a lot of fun!

Virtual Garter Making

When you think of wedding traditions, you think of the garter right?! For a creative Hen Do, Virtual Garter Making is a perfect themed class for you. All materials are sent to participants before the workshop and at the end of the workshop, everyone will have their own garter keepsake. If you’re group wants something a bit more risque, why not have a go at Virtual Nipple Tassle Making?!

Virtual Magic Experience

What better way to entertain the Hen than by throwing some magic her way with a Virtual Magic Experience. Our magician Josh is guaranteed to leave you wanting more with a magic style similar to Dynamo including card magic and mentalism. If you’re hosting your own Virtual Hen Party, Josh will be the perfect surprise to pop in and perform a 30 minute magic show for you and your hens! Disclaimer :- he’s also very handsome 😉

Why Should You Have A Virtual Hen Do?

There are lots of reasons why Virtual Hen Parties are becoming more popular. The first one being it’s the easiest way to get everyone get together in the current climate. That’s not the only reason though of course! We thought of a few advantages to an Online Hen Party below –

  • You don’t have to think about travel or accommodation, you can sit back and relax in your own surroundings!
  • You can invite everyone from all over! Think your old uni friends who are now dotted around the country or perhaps your Nan who you wouldn’t normally invite to your live Hen Party but now there’s no excuses!
  • There’s something to please everyone. With live events it’s hard to find something everyone will enjoy but with a Virtual Hen Event, you can just take an hour or two out of someone’s day and there shouldn’t be many complaints….
  • You’re not restricted by anything. If people want to stay on and have a few drinks they can. If people don’t, they can say bye and leave the party animals to it without worrying about anyone keeping them awake!
  • It’s so easy! Everything is done for you. As long as you have a device with the internet all you have to do is log on and that’s it. If you want to take part in your PJ’s and fluffy slippers then so be it, nobody’s stopping you!

If you’ve got this far, we hope we’ve convinced you that a Virtual Hen Do can sometimes be just as fun as a live Hen Party and even a little less stressful! Now we’ve provided you with our favourite Virtual Hen Party Ideas you can see more over here – Virtual Hen Party Ideas.

For more information, advice, or if you want to book an event, contact Red Cactus Events on 01235 330133 and let one of the event specialists help you plan your Virtual Hen Party!