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Our sister company Team Building Experiences is an expert in Virtual Team Building having now hosted over 400 virtual events for companies and groups.

Connect With Your Teammates

Connecting with your employees has never been so important, with the UK gradually coming out of its third lockdown in twelve months, employees and companies alike are feeling the burn out of working from home.

At Team Building Experiences they have been busy entertaining teams and bringing people together since the company launched in 2020. Now they have something new to shout about.

The Big Virtual Game Show

Launched in March 2021, The Big Virtual Game Show is a hilarious, fun and engaging virtual event that has been specifically designed for remote teams to have a good time together.

Entertaining teams from 6 -40 people in one session, it’s a Game Show extravaganza putting a twist on TV Shows from yesteryear including The Generation Game and Family Fortunes.

Hosted by a professional Gamesmaster, each event will feature interactive rounds designed to have you competing and laughing all the way through. Example Rounds include Our Survey Says, Scavenger Hunt, Celebrity Boss Photo round and of course, the famous Conveyor Belt Memory Game!

The Big Virtual Game Show

Groups are split into teams and players can compete individually to win points for their team. With each round, there is something for everyone which makes The Virtual Game Show unique and universal.

It may take some convincing to get people to take part in a Virtual Event but The Virtual Game Show is designed to get people engaging and interacting without realising they’re doing it!

If you want to know more about The Big Virtual Game Show, get in touch with Team-Building-Experiences.co.uk and find out why it’s one of the most entertaining virtual events in the market!