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fancy dress stag do

Getting to dress your stag up in any fancy dress for the stag night out can be one of the most entertaining parts of the stag do. So, we’ve put a list together of our favorite stag do fancy dress ideas for your amusement.

1. Mankinis

manikin fancy dress stag do

Now this is always a staple for any stag do. It’s the perfect opportunity to stitch up your stag and leave nothing to the imagination. Whether you choose to join the stag in fancy dress, or leave him to brave it himself, this idea is sure to bring a few laughs. Bonus points for any stag braving this in winter. Click here to find the costume above.

2. Big Babies

big baby

Is your stag a baby in his normal life? Well, this makes the perfect opportunity to have his appearance reflect his personality. Will the stag hate you for this? Probably, but at least the rest of the group will be entertained and they get to takeaway a great costume! Click here for ‘big baby’ costume ideas

3. Cheerleaders

stag do cheerleader outfit

Why not create your own little routine to show off in the clubs? With pom pom’s in hand, this idea will create laughs all around, so long as the group maintains the energy throughout the night. Stuck for where to find your costume for this? Click the link here for some great cheerleader outfits.

4. Gimp Suit

gimp suit

Maybe one of the most embarrassing costumes on the list, the gimp suit is the is probably the best costume to stitch up your stag and leave him feeling pretty humiliated for the whole night out. Wandering where to get this costume? Click here to go to Amazon.

5. Smurfs

smurf costume

Instead of painting the town red, you can paint the town blue with this idea. With the whole group being able to get involved as different variations of the Smurfs. You can even get the stag to go as Smurfette to ensure he stands out from the group! Check out the link here to look at more smurf costumes

6. Superheroes

superhero costume

Everyone has a favourite superhero, so why not get the group to dress up as their favourites too? This is an easy choice for any stag group. The only difficulty is; are you team DC or team Marvel? Or if you want to really embarrass the stag – get him to go as a villain. Click the link here to have a look at more superhero costumes.

7. Beer Bottles

beer suit

A very popular choice with many stag groups and a great opportunity to fit in with any bar related stag activities. Why not dress the group up as every beer brand you can find? You can DIY this at home or look here for some costume ideas.

8. Favourite Movie or TV Characters

Ali G stag do fancy dress

Why not play it safe and go as the cast of the stags favourite movie or TV show. Maybe you will go as the Simpsons, Family Guy, Ali G (as shown in the photo above) or Mario? The choice is yours! Click here for the Ali G suit on Amazon

9. Personalised T-Shirts

stag do t shirt personalized

Maybe you take a leaf out of the Inbetweeners lads holiday playbook and get your group personalised shirts perfect for a night out. With the opportunity to personalise each shirt for each member of the group and create a catch (and probably inappropriate) name for the group as well. If you’re wandering where to get these T-shirts there are some great ones online. See more here

10. Bride and Bridesmaids

Fancy dress stag do bride

Why not spend the night dressed as your better half and her friends? With the stag dressed in the perfect white gown and the rest of the group dress in matching bridesmaid outfits. You can even get the stag to attempt to walk in heals! This idea is sure to create a lot of laughs with the group on the night… as well as the rest of the bridal party when you show them the photos. See more costumes here

Any kind of fancy dress always creates a lot of laughs on a stag do but we hope this list helps you narrow down what option youre going to go with. If youre struggling to decide, why not make the whole weekend fancy dress themed?
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